Adloniant is Welsh for entertainment. Put that together with ‘Hay’ and we have – HAYDLONIANT!

Our next Event:

Saturday 18th April, 5:30pm

Cakes & Ale in the Parish Hall

Map of Parish Hall Our past events

We are a non-profit community music organisation run by local volunteers and musicians.

We arrange and promote musical performances in the Parish Hall, to entertain the Hay community, bring visitors into the hall, give a platform for local professionals and experienced amateurs to play to local audiences, and create opportunities for young or up-and-coming musicians.

We embrace music from the middle ages to the present day, with some concerts specialising in a style or period and others involving a variety of performers and musics.

Our regular late afternoon Cakes & Ale concerts provide an informal atmosphere, ‘cabaret-style’ seating, lovely home-made cakes, and drinks of your choice. All musicians at the Cakes & Ale concerts, including professionals, are locals who donate their performances gratis. Entry is free with a retiring collection, and any profit is ploughed back into HAYDLONIANT.

If you want to know about future concerts, or if you would like to be involved in Haydloniant as a musician, marketing person, cake-maker or in any other capacity, please contact us at: